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What is Nerdic Studios? Nerdic Studios is the technician you desperately searched to fix your computer, the designer you have never found on the market, the website developer that will make your site look professional and much more.

What we do in Nerdic Studios is making the life of our customers easier by giving them final products and services which they can use immediately.

Nerdic Studios is a small company started in July 2011 by Daniele Pelosi, CEO and manager of the company.

The company focuses on the maintenance and on the reparation of the products used by million of people in the world: computers, mobile phones, tablets, consoles, as well as the development of websites which will promote businesses over the internet.

What we want to do, is to give to our costumers the possibility to take advantage of the products they buy as long as possible, concept that nowadays has become obsolete with the continuous production of new models and versions or every electronic device.

We are very dedicated about our work, because what most companies consider only as a job is in fact a real passion for us.

In the various sections of the site you will be able to find more information about the services we offer.